'88 Stock Suspension Drag Radial Mustang
Project "Orange Krush" headed to a track near you.

'09 Construction is underway- Thanks to MadMan & Co. Racing, Racecraft and Wolfe Racecraft
A few pictures can be seen by clicking the links below.

As found 1/04/09

Mini Tubs 1/11/09

Wolfe 25.5 kit 1/18/09

Seats, Column, etc. 1/25/09

Motor/Front suspension mocked up 2/7/09

Headers finally done! 2/27/09

More progress. Getting ready for paint. 3/31/09

Sprayed some color finally! 4/19/09

Ready for primer 5/12/09

In primer 5/18/09

Finally Painted! 5/31/09

Color sanded and buffed! 6/07/09

Starting to put it together 6/14/09

Front end and wing on... 6/16/09

Engine, headers, blowers installed 6/29/09

Glass, dash, package tray and door panels... 7/13/09

fuel system, distributor, oil pump... Lots of stuff to make fit.... 7/15/09

Charge pipe, puke tank lots of little things 8/2/09

It's ALIVE (w/video) 8/26/09

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