'02 Stock Suspension Drag Radial Trans Am
World's Fastest Stock Suspension Blower Car and World's Fastest Stock Suspended F-body. 7.43@189 MPH!

'08 Updates are underway- Updates include new engine, headers and gear drive procharger. The car is at MadMan's shop receiving the required modifications. We will be back at the track as soon as ORSCA starts back up after "summer break". A few pictures can be seen HERE 6/27/08

4.89 @ 155 (6mb) 11/06/07

4.94 @ 152 (12mb) 9/25/07

Dyno Results (5mb) 3/16/07

Heading to the Dyno 3/2/07

New windshield, tint, interior installed, ready for paint. 2/21/07

Complete and Running!. 2/11/07

Engine, Headers, Transmission, etc. installed. 12/06

Very little progress, preparing to paint the engine bay. 10/06

Mocked up, still have plenty of time to get ready for Power Tour '07 9/06

EFI Intake conversion by MadMan at Thunder Racing, F3 procharged BBC 8/06

Suspension, Cage, etc. by MadMan at Thunder Racing 5/06

'93 Pro Street Firebird Project fresh off the trailer 1/06

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